Chamada para artigos sobre Modelos Matemáticos em Ecologia e Evolução

In 2010 Springer will publish a special issue of Behavioral Ecology and
Sociobiology, based on the 2009 conference on Mathematical Models in
Ecology and Evolution. The conference and special issue both mark the
bicentennial of Darwin’s birth, and 150 years since the publication of
Origin of Species. The special issue will feature invited papers from
keynote speakers of MMEE 2009:

• Social evolution: progress and problems. Rob Boyd, UCLA
• Evolution of the two sexes. Hanna Kokko, Helsinki
• The origin of species by natural and sexual selection, Franjo
• Mathematising Darwin, Anthony Edwards, Cambridge

We seek an additional 10 to 12 papers on the mathematical modelling of
topics in Darwinian theory, particularly:

• sexual selection
• evolution of social behaviour
• evolution of emotions
• evolution and adaptation
• speciation
• multi-level selection

Submission deadline: January 10th 2010

Please see the flyer for further details:

Best wishes,
James Marshall, John McNamara, Alasdair Houston

James A. R. Marshall
Department of Computer Science
University of Bristol


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